Lose weight and keep it off with delicious natural foods. How? The Metabolic Balance diet can help you achieve this. Metabolic Balance first became famous in 2013 when Boy George attributed his weight loss to the Metabolic Balance program.

The Springs of Eden Wellbeing Clinic has helped a huge number of people to lose weight by using the Metabolic Balance diet.  The Metabolic Balance program has helped many people to lose a considerable amount of excess weight, whilst also experiencing significant improvements in their health and how they feel. Metabolic Balance is not just about losing weight, although weight loss and weight management are the main reasons most people go on the diet. Both woman and men can benefit from this weight loss program and it also offers many surprising health benefits such as the following:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved skin condition
  • Better sleep quality
  • Hormone regulation, which helps men and women with hypothyroidism and women with Polycystic ovarian syndrome and menopause
  • Improved mood and lifting of depression 

Celebrities like Sam Smith, Kirstie Allsopp and Boy George have all been very successful with weight loss using the Metabolic Balance diet. Alison McLaren-Sampson, owner at the Springs of Eden Wellbeing Clinic in Scotland is a expert Metabolic Balance® coach and nutritional advisor who will support you throughout your program. Alison will offer encouragement and advice to help you to achieve your goals. Many people have transformed their health and achieved their ideal weight with the Metabolic Balance® program and you could do the same!  To find out more about the benefits of the Metabolic Balance program in Scotland, contact Springs of Eden today for a free consultation. You can also visit our state of the art wellbeing clinic near Glasgow. We are only a few minutes away from the M74 motorway.