Mairi MacInnes’ Metabolic Balance Story

Mairi MacInnes is one of Scotland’s best known Gaelic singers. She has performed worldwide and is also a tutor at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow.

It is Mairi’s beautiful voice that can be heard singing the theme tune in the remake of the new Whiskey Galore Movie, ‘Gairm Na h-Oidhche (Calling the Night).

With an increasingly busy work/life schedule over the past few years a number of health challenges arose including gradual weight gain. After reading about how the Metabolic Balance Program had helped transform others health, Mairi decided to contact Alison MacLaren Sampson, a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach and owner of Springs of Eden Wellbeing Clinic near Glasgow to help her.


“Deeper and more restful sleep, more energy every day, No yearning for sweets— Who wouldn’t want that?”


After an initial consultation and assessment, Mairi knew that Metabolic Balance for her and her transformational health journey began.

Like many busy professionals, Mairi had lost focus on her personal health and wellbeing.

She was presented with a number of challenges:

  • Broken sleep
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lack of energy
  • Craving sugar
  • Stress

Chaotic mealtime schedule due to international travel/work life.

Psoriasis, which was exacerbated by stress/overwork/travel/inadequate water intake.


“Of course, success depends on the individual. Metabolic Balance is not a miracle diet, but rather an intelligent Metabolic Program that makes good use of the Laws of Nature”


Once the plan was received and fully explained, Mairi set the start date for her individually formulated program based on her medical history, full blood analysis and some key measurements.

Over the next 12 weeks of her individually tailored program, Mairi attended six consultations at Springs of Eden Wellbeing Clinic with regular text and email communication between visits to answer any questions pertaining to her progress and program.

Mairi quickly reported an increase in energy and improved sleep throughout phases 1 and 2. To her amazement, she also reported no more sugar craving.

By the end of her 12th week on Metabolic Balance, Mairi had really grasped the principles of the plan and was confidently following her program.

Mairi reported an overall great general improvement in her health and wellbeing: she was coping much better with her busy work schedule, reduced stress level, feeling much calmer and more focused and concentrated. Mairi’s psoriasis also cleared up. A 14 pound and 2 dress size weight loss was an added bonus!

Mairi happily shares:

”Following Metabolic Balance has really helped me tune into the food that I put into my body and I really have lost the desire and craving for sugar. I feel so well, healthy and energized. Throughout my 12 week personal coaching, I have learned how to follow my personal plan and adopted it as my new lifestyle.”


Nothing tastes better than Healthy!


So How Does The Program Work?

I offer all of my clients a free information consultation to assess their suitability for metabolic balance. During the consultation your needs and targets are discussed, personal information and important data is recorded and then arrangements are made for your blood samples to be taken.

After your blood is analysed at the laboratory and your data is received, Metabolic Balance™ will create your specific and individual 4 phase plan.

Your plan requires you to eat 3 regular meals per day with wholesome food that can be found in any good supermarket. Meal plans created specifically for you, along with a shopping list of everything you need to start your plan helps you save time and effort.

This 4 Phase plan is delivered in general over a 12 week period with 6 clinic consultations after your primary visit and regular text and email support between visits.

The 4 Phases:

Phase 1: 2 days of preparation and detoxification process.

Phase 2: A 14 day strict adjustment phase where you will be required to eat 3 meals daily, following 8 simple rules. As your coach, I will closely monitor you.

Phase 3: This is where you can begin to incorporate additional foods into your daily meal plan. You may also choose to join in on special occasions and savour a glass of wine or two! As your coach, I will continue to monitor and support your weight progress.

Phase 4: Maintenance Phase – this where you continue to apply the core principles of Metabolic Balance ™ and enjoy a lifestyle that embraces balance and wellbeing.

Who Will Benefit From Metabolic Balance™?

Metabolic Balance™ is of great value to your overall health and wellbeing. If your weight management calls for a natural, permanent solution and you want to lose or gain weight in a safe and healthy way.

You may be suffering from health problems due to excess weight, poor dietary choices and lifestyle or have health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraines, Insulin Resistance, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Fatigue, Osteoporosis, Allergies, Skin Disorders etc and if you desire to have renewed energy and be fit and healthy, regardless of your age!

What Does It Cost?

The Fee is £740 when you attend Alison’s own clinic, Springs of Eden Wellbeing Clinic.

Alison also consults with clients at a private Glasgow City Centre clinic. The Fee: £820.

This includes: your first and 6 follow up consultations with text and/or email support between consultations.

Blood test results and an individual 4 Phase Metabolic Balance Plan with food lists, shopping plan lists and recipe ideas.

“Of Course, success depends on the individual.

Metabolic Balance™ is not a miracle diet ,but rather an intelligent use of the laws of nature.”

For more information on your suitability for Metabolic Balance Program, book your free information consultation now!


Disclaimer: The Metabolic Balance™ Program does not replace your usual consultations with your medical practitioner, especially in relation to any symptoms or illnesses requiring medical supervision.