Colonic Hydrotherapy at Springs of Eden Wellbeing Clinic Lesmahagow Scotland

Are you experiencing constipation?Or maybe a sluggish bowel?If you have been experiencing fatigue,had skin problems,feeling bloated,gas and minor digestive upsets then read on.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider colonic irrigation as part of a health lifestyle choice.Get Gut Savvy.

  1. Get Gut Savvy

    A well functioning colon is essential to good health .From the moment we eat a meal it takes approximately 24 hours passthrough the gut before you have a bowel movement.Ideally one good bowel movement per day is deemed healthy.

  2. Re-Establish Good Bowel Motility.

    Gentle irrigation of the large colon with warm filtered water promotes good muscular tone and action of the bowel wall.

  3. Re-sync the Brain Gut Connection .

    Your gut is known as the second brain . In the busyness of every day life ,people often ignore the stimulus to visit the loo which can ultimately result in bowel issues .Combined with a he
    althy lifestyle,colonic irrigation can do wonders to re align natural bowel function and aid in improvement of mental and physical wellbeing.Eat Healthy Vegetables

  4. Rid Bowel of Waste and Toxins.

    Many naturopathic hospitals world-wide use colonic irrigation as part of deep cleansing regimes even with terminally ill patients and colonic irrigation helps rid the bowel of waste,toxins,irritants and allergy triggers. I have a colleague,cured from cancer over 20 years ago. An integral part of her natural health care was daily colonic irrigation during treatment.Now at 70 years of age she is in good health,has the energy of four 20-year olds and still has regular colonic irrigation as part of her wellbeing regime.

  5. Restores Healthy Balance of Gut Bacteria.

    Our bodies have more bacterial cells than human cells.A healthy bowel is populated with billions of friendly bacteria which optimise and support  good health .The good bacteria in the large bowel assist in normal digestion,synthesise certain vitamins and water absorption. Almost 80% of your immune system is in the gut and good bacteria help protect against infection and illness.Colonic irrigation cleanses the bowel of excess and often older waste which allows the good gut bacteria to re populate.

  6. Helps Restore The Gut Wall.

    The cells of the gut wall renew every 4-5 days . The delicate health balance of this eco system can be disrupted by many factors of modern life; stress,processed foods,pollution,artificial drinks,certain drugs,smoking to name a few.Regular colonic irrigation gentle cleanses,detoxes and assists in restoring the gut wall.

  7. Rehydration of the Large Bowel

    Our thirst mechanisms can be faulty and many people fail to drink adequate fresh water daily. The average daily water intake being approximately 35 mls/Kg of body weight.
    During colonic hydrotherapy,the large bowel is gently irrigated by warm filtered water at low pressure and as well as all the other health benefits ,the therapy is extremely hydrating to the whole body as well as the large bowel.

In Summary

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