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How Does The Program Work?

The Metabolic Balance program begins with a free information consultation to assess your suitability, this includes discussing targets, needs and the collection of personal data and blood samples.

Once the blood results are in, your 4 Phase tailor made plan is generated by Metabolic Balance™. Throughout the plan you are required to eat 3 regular meals each day with wholesome ingredients. The meal plans come with a shopping list, detailing everything you will need to complete your journey and to help save you time and effort.

The plan generally runs over 12 weeks with 6 clinic visits after your initial consultation, with regular text and email support inbetween. (Some clients prefer a weekly contact for consultations, in which case arrangements can be made for 12 x 30 minute  appointments over your 12 week program.)

The Metabolic Balance Program Takes You Through 4 Phases:

Phase 1: The preparation and detoxification process that takes 2 days to complete.

Phase 2: This phase involves a strict 14 day following of the program where 8 rules have been put in place, as well as a 3 meals a day requirement. There will be support and observation by your coach to monitor and track your progress.

Phase 3: Once you embark on this phase, additional foods are introduced into your daily meal routine and a Phase 3 shopping helper list given. This is a more relaxed stage which clients with specific weight loss goals will usually remain on until personal targets are reached. Full support is available from your coach as she continues to monitor your movement through the process. You will be encouraged to have one ‘Treat’ meal each week at a time you choose. During your treat meal you may enjoy a glass of wine if you choose, while still following Metabolic Balance™ Principals.

Stage 4: The last stage of the program focuses adopting a Metabolic Balance™ as a permanent lifestyle. It’s time to continue the process and maintain your results by sticking to the plan that has been uniquely designed for you. Enjoy your new lifestyle with a healthier outlook.Your coach will explain thoroughly Phase 4 and by the end of the 12 week programme all clients will have firmly grasped the principals of their program, enjoying life and optimising overall health and wellbeing!

Who Will Benefit From Metabolic Balance™?

The end goal of Metabolic Balance is to improve your health and make changes to your lifestyle. It’s a program that provides results, as well as a long term solution that can be used to maintain and manage weight loss. So if you want to lose weight the safe way, Metabolic Balance is right for you.

This is a program suited to anyone that wants to change to a healthier lifestyle. Many health problems can be attributed to weight and poor lifestyle decisions which can advance into more serious health conditions including; Type 2 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraines, Insulin Resistance, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Fatigue, Osteoporosis, Allergies, Skin Disorders.

What Does It Cost?

Alison’s price for this natural weight loss method is £740 when you go through the Spring’s of Eden Wellbeing Clinic. However Alison is also available to consult with any clients at Glasgow City Centre’s private clinic with a cost of £820.

Each fee includes your primary consultation, full Metabolic Balance™ blood analysis and generation of your simply individual, scientifically formulated plan. After the Initial consultation you will then have 6 follow-up one to one consultations and full support via text/email at all times. At each visit Alison chooses to use bio impedance scales as she monitors your progress. Your Blood pressure will also be monitored .

“Of course, success depends on the individual. Metabolic Balance™ is not a miracle diet, but rather an intelligent use of the laws of nature.”

For more information on your suitability for the Metabolic Balance Program, book your free information consultation now!

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