IBS Bustin’ Package

ss-buttonAnyone who has experienced Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) knows how uncomfortable and even debilitating it can be.  Many people that suffer from IBS feel socially isolated because they are afraid they will get bloated, have abdominal cramps, release smelly gas or have diarrhoea when out with friends and family or at work.

The effect of IBS is one which affects people both mentally and physically with many sufferers feeling fat and frumpy when bloated, constantly feeling anxious and embarrassed, needing to always be close to a toilet – just in case!

Gut bacteria can be weakened and impacted by our dietary choices – poor diet, processed foods, too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol and antibiotics all take their toll and can leave the gut weakened. irritated, and inflamed.  In fact, many of the things we would describe as allergies and IBS symptoms can be as a result of poor gut bacteria.

Thankfully, help is at hand! Our protocol for supporting clients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been developed with Linda Booth, Colonic Hydrotherapist at the Nottingham Health & Wellbeing Clinic and creator of the Just for Tummies range of supplements.

Our protocol mixes colonic hydrotherapy, dietary supplements and healthy nutritional & lifestyle advice which helps cleanse, rehydrate and rebalance to system to help reduce bloating and abdominal pain quickly and to improve body image and increase confidence.

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IBS Bustin’ Package Prices & Benefits – £195

Our package runs over a four to six week period and includes:

  • A Colonic Hydrotherapy consutation and treatment
  • A Healthy Nutritional Advice Sheet
  • Just for Tummies Live Bacteria, Digestive Enzymes and Omega 3 supplements to  help create a healthy gut bacteria and reduce inflammation
  • A follow up Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment (approx. 4 – 6 weeks later)
  • A free tummy soothing Just for Tummies, Tummy Tea (worth £9.95)
Follow on Treatments

tummy-heartWe believe that this protocol of cleansing and rebalancing, combined with healthy nutritional dietary and lifestyle choices can help in the battle against IBS.  As part of our client aftercare, your therapist will offer healthy nutritional advice and can advise you as to what supplements may help support your new, healthier lifestyle.

What our package is not

IBS is a complex condition, this package has been created as a foundation to a healthier and happier gut and we make no claims that it is a cure for IBS.